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Data utworzenia: 2023-05-28

Ogłoszenie w: Wrocław

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added value for you

  • personal budget for taking courses and attending conferences
  • monthly performance bonuses
  • English lessons with native speakers
  • private medical care
  • stock options
  • cooking classes, creative activities, and educational online games for your children

your daily tasks

  • you will control the integrity of the product architecture
  • you will define a technical strategy for product development
  • you will design architectural solutions in the product
  • you will provide technical supervision of the work of teams
  • you will inform stakeholders about critical system changes
  • you will run regular one-to-one meetings with back-end leads
  • you will participate in annual technical reviews

your skills

  • 8+ years of relevant experience in software development (preferably with PHP, Node.js, Java or Go)
  • expert experience in software design
  • the ability to analize requirements
  • experience with database internals, database architecture and development (NoSQL and RDBMS)
  • deep understanding of SOA principles and web service technologies (REST, GraphQL)
  • experience with best practices and security testing tools
  • experience with IaaS, PaaS or SaaS cloud products
  • English - fluent
  • nice to have: Ukrainian/Russian