Specjalista IT, Gdańsk

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Opis specjalisty IT

Kim jestem?

I am looking for a new place of employment. I am an interdisciplinary person. I combine the following areas: - sociology, - management, - economics, - mathematics and computer science, - data analysis. The preferred scope of duties could include creating and updating databases of various industries using IT systems, monitoring the situation and the dynamics of market phenomena, cooperating within analytical teams, searching for other data as required, managing information sets and guaranteeing multi-faceted reliability of information resources, data comparison with requirements for them, formulating descriptions and definitions of processes, generating reports as a result of data analysis in the internal databases of the company
The industries I prefer, the ranges are: BPO, SSC, ICT, OUTSOURCING IT, Data analysis, Data science, Data architecture, Data enineering, ED TECH



Od: 2007 Do: 2011Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania w Gdańsku