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Opis specjalisty IT

O firmie

Boldare is a digital product design and development company guiding-forward thinking businesses in their digital transformation. We are a purpose-driven organization helping clients shape the future of whole societies and industries across the globe.

Boldare is a result of a natural joining of two sister companies, XSolve and Chilid. But the story is not only about merging companies. This is about people who, for the last 15 years, were building exciting digital products. Our skills and aspirations allowed us to offer something entirely different to the market. Working here is not about having a whatever project. It is about building digital products that truly matter to the users and the world.

We help our clients shape digital reality around them on different stages. Whether it is an MVP, prototype, product-market fit, or scaling, for each of the stages we have developed a dedicated working environment. If you are tired of hustling projects while the real value for the product remains untouched, here we are! Join amazing product builders, who help businesses around the US, Europe, Gulf Area and Asia to grow through tech solutions (we use Lean Startup and Agile methodologies to do so).

What else? Imagine a workplace, in which everybody has an impact on the organizational structure. You are able to change things and fulfill many roles of your own choice that match your competencies. There are no managers, you make your own decisions according to your accountabilities and purpose. That is how we make our daily routine more comfortable and challenging. This is holacracy. We are honest and transparent to each other, always willing to explore and experiment. Feels like home? Go on, join us!